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District Governor

Subodh Joshi
District Governor (2015-16)

The only constant thing in life is “Change” . Change can be transformation in ourselves and the surrounding.  The transformation began when Subodh joined Rotary in the year 1997. High ethical standards and four way test were the key element because of which subodh got attracted towards Rotary organization. During his rotary journey he has worked in almost every avenue but has special inclination towards RYLA and Polio Eradication. An ardent nature lover and adventure traveler subodh has blended his hobbies and interest which were showcased in motorbike expedition from Kanyakumari  to Leh Ladakh with mission “Eradicate Polio”  and many Himalayan treks with a motto of “Walk for those who can’t ” to raise funds for POLIO .  He has introduced theme RYLA concept in the year 2005-06 as RYLA chairman. He has successfully conducted residential adventure sports RYLAs for consecutive 10 years. Rotary is all about friendship and fellowship. Subodh has found ways of achieving it by successfully organizing various district events. As a dist. Secretary events he has polished his event management skills and became one of the  most popular District  secretary for year 09-10. Crossing the boundaries he has successfully hosted multi district  PETS , first time in INDIA , for bringing the neighboring districts together. This has developed a strong bond in these three districts. Technology has always been his strength. Up gradation of website to generate a digital identity for entire district 3131 is Subodh’s vision for the year. He believes in developing system which will work for years together. While doing his MBA in human resources he realized the importance of strategic planning which he later successfully implemented in RID 3131. A second level major donor Subodh believes in giving . Giving is living,  giving not only money but also  joy and even a step ahead helping hand to every friend in rotary is his passion .His friends & network in Rotary is his real strength. He is a true team player  & believes in delegating equal authority & responsibility to every team member. Subodh loves playing cricket. He always plays to win and never thinks of NOT to lose.  

He is well supported by his spouse Sneha who is also a charter president of rotary club of Pen Hirkani. He is blessed with two daughter Smruti and Srushti.

Enjoy Rotary

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