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Message from District Governor

Subodh Joshi
District Governor (2015-16)

Dear Rotarians ,

It gives  me  great pleasure to interact with you.  Rotary international has a typical structure. We all are members of our club  and our club is member of this great organisation. This specific arrangement directly indicates the importance of “CLUB” . Our existence is solely dependent on the active status of our club. This can be achieved by fellowship & team work within the club. “Our vocation is the best opportunity to serve the community” is our belief. Our high ethical standards are the foundation & good governance is the driving force. This is  keeping the momentum of our dynamic organisation towards the positive direction. Our resources & interpersonal relationship skill will be the key factor for BRANDING  our organisation as the No 1  service organisation in the world.

We have decided that MANKIND  IS OUR BUSINESS . Then what will be the product of our organisation ? It should be only service to community. In today’s competitive market, only quality product will help to sustain the growth of the organisation. If we really mean the growth , it is not only the number of members but it will be directly related to the range of our quality products which we are going to deliver. Community is expecting much more from us, than what we are delivering today. We are leaders in our profession & vocation. I think it is our responsibility to give the best possible product, at the same time our R & D  must be strong enough to visualise the product OR services required in next five to ten  years.

I know , this can’t happen in one day OR one year. Therefore a consistency & strategic planning at club as well as district level is very much required.  Along with this we must be able to generate & analyse our own data.  This is possible with the help of new technology. It is a need of tomorrow to adopt new technology at this stage only. In the coming years the pace of the world is going to increase in a multiple fold . We will be able to match that pace only with the help of new techniques. I must congratulate all of you who have decided to make our district as  DIGITAL DISTRICT , may be the first ever in rotary world. Before external environment forces us to change , let us become leaders in change also.

I wish you & your clubs all the best for accepting every new challenge.

Together Everyone Achieves More .


“Be a gift to the world”


DG Subodh 

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