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Message from the President”s Desk

 Ujwal Tawde
President 2015-16

Be a gift to the world.....

The year 2015--16 brings  a ray of hope for the entire world towards a permanent and everlasting peace.While I was reading a part of the profile of our leader, the RI President Rtn K R Ravindran, I realized that each one of us can contribute towards this great cause of bringing in peace in lives of people around us .What we must initiate is the skill  " to dissipate intolerance".

We , the RCPK family members have enjoyed this climate of "assimilation " and togetherness . 

This year we have designed our plan of action to continue the focused yearlong activities to bring about this assimilation.

We have some of the innovative projects lined up during this year. Our visit to the historic city of Baroda,Gujrat with 55 members participating on the occasion of RYLA FOR DEAF AND DUMB students conducted jointly with RC Baroda Sayajinagari ..the great inter club,inter district activity, one of its kind.. We have designed and planned "ROTARY YOUTH WEEK"during 6th to 12th September ; this will be the first project of its kind in the Rotary world.

RCPK sets its own  benchmarks on administration.We are known for our meticulous panning and perfection in reporting and records.This year ,we will keep up this great tradition.

The INNOVATIONS bring along great challenge . We must pick up these opportunities and accept challenges. We will remember the  words of  great world leader John F. Kennedy......

"The New Frontier of which I speak is not a set of promises---it is a set of challenges "

Rtn Ujwal Tawde
RCPK President 2015-16

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