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Rotary's Six Areas Of Focus

  • peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • water and sanitation
  • Maternal and Child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and Community Development

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Welcome to Rotary Club Of Pune Kothrud

Be a gift to the world.....

The year 2015--16 brings  a ray of hope for the entire world towards a permanent and everlasting peace.While I was reading a part of the profile of our leader, the RI President Rtn K R Ravindran, I realized that each one of us can contribute towards this great cause of bringing in peace in lives of people around us .What we must initiate is the skill  " to dissipate intolerance".

We , the RCPK family members have enjoyed this climate of "assimilation " and togetherness . 

This year we have designed our plan of action to continue the focused yearlong activities to bring about this assimilation.

We have some of the innovative projects lined up during this year. Our visit to the historic city of Baroda,Gujrat with 55 members participating on the occasion of RYLA FOR DEAF AND DUMB students conducted jointly with RC Baroda Sayajinagari ..the great inter club,inter district activity, one of its kind.. We have designed and planned "ROTARY YOUTH WEEK"during 6th to 12th September ; this will be the first project of its kind in the Rotary world.

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RI President's Message

We in Rotary aspire to great deeds. We admire those who gave great gifts to humanity: Abraham Lincoln, who gave the gift of human dignity to the downtrodden; Mother Teresa, who gave the gift of compassion to the forgotten; Mahatma Gandhi, who gave the gift of peaceful change to the oppressed. Their very lives became gifts to the world.

We can be inspired by their example. We can be inspired to ask, how can I, in the life that I live – without neglecting the responsibilities that are so dear to me – how can I, too, become a gift to the world? As I considered my theme, I thought of the lessons I have learned through my Hindu faith. I thought especially of the story of Sudama.

Sudama was a poor child and a bosom friend of Krishna, who was born in a royal lineage as an avatar – an incarnation of the divine. As the two boys grow up, they drift apart, and while Krishna becomes a military leader and king of great repute, Sudama remains a humble villager.

The years go by and Sudama's poverty deepens. Finally, he lacks even food to feed his children. His wife reminds him of his childhood friendship with Krishna: Perhaps it is time to go to the mighty ruler for help. Reluctantly, Sudama agrees, but resolves that he will not go empty-handed. He gathers together a few handfuls of rice – all the food his family has left – and wraps them in a piece of cloth as a gift for his friend.


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Trustee Chair's Message

The Future Vision Plan was developed to remedy some weaknesses in our Rotary Foundation's programs, one of which was the Foundation's slowness in handling applications for Matching Grants. As a result, the Future Vision Plan sought to simplify the Foundation's programs, to give Rotarians more voice and ownership in these programs, and to reduce the time required for the processing of humanitarian grants.

In 2010-11, the Future Vision Plan started with 100 pilot districts. The full launch of the plan for all Rotary districts was achieved in 2013-14. Rotary uses a three-year cycle for the implementation and testing of its new programs, and as a result, the first comprehensive evaluation of the full launch will occur in the third year – which is now this year!

A full and fair evaluation of the Future Vision Plan, now referred to as the new grants model, is the most important task of the year for me and the other Trustees. I encourage you to take advantage of the various surveys and polls that will be conducted in the next few months to test the effectiveness of the new Foundation programs. Comments from Rotarians were solicited earlier for consideration by a committee of past presidents, chaired by Bill Boyd, and the comments received were a good prelude to the more formal part of the evaluation process now underway.

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Message from District Governor

Dear Rotarians ,

It gives  me  great pleasure to interact with you.  Rotary international has a typical structure. We all are members of our club  and our club is member of this great organisation. This specific arrangement directly indicates the importance of “CLUB” . Our existence is solely dependent on the active status of our club. This can be achieved by fellowship & team work within the club. “Our vocation is the best opportunity to serve the community” is our belief. Our high ethical standards are the foundation & good governance is the driving force. This is  keeping the momentum of our dynamic organisation towards the positive direction. Our resources & interpersonal relationship skill will be the key factor for BRANDING  our organisation as the No 1  service organisation in the world.

We have decided that MANKIND  IS OUR BUSINESS . Then what will be the product of our organisation ? It should be only service to community. In today’s competitive market, only quality product will help to sustain the growth of the organisation. If we really mean the growth , it is not only the number of members but it will be directly related to the range of our quality products which we are going to deliver. Community is expecting much more from us, than what we are delivering today. We are leaders in our profession & vocation. I think it is our responsibility to give the best possible product, at the same time our R & D  must be strong enough to visualise the product OR services required in next five to ten  years.

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