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Trustee Chair's Message

The Future Vision Plan was developed to remedy some weaknesses in our Rotary Foundation's programs, one of which was the Foundation's slowness in handling applications for Matching Grants. As a result, the Future Vision Plan sought to simplify the Foundation's programs, to give Rotarians more voice and ownership in these programs, and to reduce the time required for the processing of humanitarian grants.

In 2010-11, the Future Vision Plan started with 100 pilot districts. The full launch of the plan for all Rotary districts was achieved in 2013-14. Rotary uses a three-year cycle for the implementation and testing of its new programs, and as a result, the first comprehensive evaluation of the full launch will occur in the third year – which is now this year!

A full and fair evaluation of the Future Vision Plan, now referred to as the new grants model, is the most important task of the year for me and the other Trustees. I encourage you to take advantage of the various surveys and polls that will be conducted in the next few months to test the effectiveness of the new Foundation programs. Comments from Rotarians were solicited earlier for consideration by a committee of past presidents, chaired by Bill Boyd, and the comments received were a good prelude to the more formal part of the evaluation process now underway.

I am committed to a thorough evaluation of the new grants model, and the Programs Committee, which is managing the evaluation process, is truly interested in the level of our customer satisfaction with the new grants model. And, of course, that is why you are critical to our assessment, because it is the Rotarians of the world who are our Foundation's customers!

Ray Klinginsmith
Trustee Chair 2015 - 16


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